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Linux is an Operating System which is no longer only for hobbyist hackers who dig so deep into computer code that it gets caught under their fingernails like gardening soil. With the success of a growing number of companies like Red Hat that develop and package open source programs, Linux has found its way onto the servers and desktops of major corporations as well as personal computers.

It offers one of the most powerful and reliable systems available—and as an open source system, it can be altered to meet the needs of its users. This language was especially developed for creating the UNIX system. Using this new technique, it was much easier to develop an operating system that could run on many different types of hardware. The software vendors were quick to adapt, since they could sell ten times more software almost effortlessly. Weird new situations came in existence: imagine for instance computers from different vendors communicating in the same network, or users working on different systems without the need for extra education to use another computer. UNIX did a great deal to help users become compatible with different systems.

Linux is an operating system that can be downloaded free and “belongs” to an entire community of developers, not one corporate entity. In other words, anyone from professional software developers to hobbyist computer hackers can access and make changes to the Linux kernel—all the information about Linux is open and available to everyone. That’s why Linux is known as “open source” or “free software,” because there is nothing secret about this system. This freedom also allows companies to sell and distribute Linux on CD-ROM or by other means, although those companies must keep their code open to the public.With more and more people looking for an alternative to Windows, Linux has recently grown in popularity and is quickly becoming a favorite among major corporations and curious desktop users. Not only does it give users a choice of operating systems, it also proves itself valuable with its power, flexibility, and reliability.

Linux was developed by Linus Torvalds. He started development of Linux in 1991.
Several major corporations, like Burlington Coat Factory, IBM, Netscape, Oracle and Sun have all seen the benefits of Linux. Other companies that use Linux in their day-to-day operations include Sony Electronics Inc., Sallie Mae Inc., Mercedes-Benz and several educational and research institutions around the world.
Linux CertificationRed Hat Linux Certifications are highly valued in the industry because they are performance-based evaluation tests, conducted and certified directly by Red Hat, in the presence of a Red Hat Examiner. Red Hat offers Certifications for System Administration which are:
RHCE (EX300)


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