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Goverment Exam Training 120 Hours Goverment Exam Training 120 Hours

120 Hours Computer Course Certificate for government exam.

These days various Goverment departments are recurtting new employees as per designated requirements. In this hi tech, 120 Hour computer training is compulsory to get job. We provide variety of courses and training. 120 Hour is minimum standard .We can say its minimum criteria to get a job..

  1. Acknowledgement and Recognition
  2. Consistent Quality and Efficiency
  3. Proper Management Visibility
  4. Less Disruptions
  5. Improved record keeping

We provide six weeks Summer training in PHP in Jalandhar and Punjab. We create students capable and perfect so that they can create and develop any custom project according to real time requirements in real life. The students are trained under the assistance of the experts and professionals. The students are given exposure to the live projects during the training period. With our company’s Industrial training program in PHP, candidates and students can take their career to heights.

Learn PHP & MySQL and become a professional web developer. PHP is widely used sever side scripting language. MySQL is widely used database system which is used with PHP to create web applications. Due to rapid growth in web technologies, PHP Developers has many job oppurtunities in India and Abroad.


The Kites offers industrial training based on live project in Jalandhar. Build your career in IT by learning professional courses - PHP, JAVA, ASP.Net, Android, and SEO. It is one of the best institutes in jalandhar which offers professional with 100% practical training.


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