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Few years back we have to write mobile application that hardly work on 6 – 7 devices mostly and now there are more than 250 android devices from various manufacturers. With 4 million android device activation each day this platform has already become the biggest implemented mobile operating system platform. Success of applications like Angry Birds, Paper Toss, Fruit Ninja and other Apps has drawn attention of many software development companies towards mobile development and particularly Android.

Course Details


  • Basics of linux.
  • Key Concepts.
  • Embedded Linux and RTOS Quik Start.

Setting android Development Environment

  • Installing Software Development Kit
  • Overview of SDK tools and Sample code
  • Using the Eclipse android Developer Tools.

android Application Development Launch

  • Using SDK emulator.
  • Runtime Configurations,android Virtual Devices(AVDs).
  • Accessing the android file system.
  • Pushing and Pulling files.
  • Accessing and filtering system logs.
  • Examining device processes,virtual machines and threads.

android Basic Application Design

  • Designing the Graphical User Interface.
  • Exploring 2D Graphics.
  • Storing Local Data(Internal Memory and MMC).


  • Playing and Recording video and audio.
  • Adding sound and video to applications.
  • Using the camera

Networking and Sensors

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Locating and Sensing(eg.GPS and Accelerarometer).


  • SQL database for applications.
  • Data binding
  • SQL lite
  • Content Provider

3D Graphics

  • Introduction to Open GL
  • Building Open GL Programs

Multi Touch

  • Multitouch User Interface
  • Multi-touch events
  • Drag and Pinch events

Testing, Signing and Publishing your Application

  • Test our application
  • Signing Certificate and API Key
  • Signing Certificate and API Key
  • Creating and attaching an icon and Label
  • Signing the application
  • Versioning your application
  • Publishing in the android Market.
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